Traffic Management Implementation

Traffic Management Implementation

RIIWHS302D Implement traffic management plan

The Traffic Management for Construction or Maintenance Work Code of Practice 2008 requires workers involved in implementing a traffic management plan to be trained in the application of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Part 3 . Traffic Management Implementation (RIIWHS302D) provides the skills and knowledge required to implement a traffic guidance scheme for roadworks ensuring traffic flow is maintained and the safety of the public and workers is maximized.
Trainees must complete a log book recording practical completion of 3 signage setups on live sites (live sites are trainee responsibility to supply)

This unit requires compliance with the:

  • Australian Standard AS1742.3 – 2009, Traffic Control for Works on Roads
  • Code of Practice: “Traffic Management for construction or maintenance work 2008 QLD”
  • Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) – Part 3
  • Transport Operations Road Use Management Act and Regulations 1995
  • Site specific Traffic Guidance Scheme / Traffic Management Plans

This course comprises of a one day classroom based theory lesson and three practical work site set-ups. This course must be completed within a three month timeframe.

NOTE: This course does not entitle a person to apply for a Qld Traffic Control Licence. The completion of ‘Control Traffic with a Stop-Slow Bat (RIIWHS205D) Course’ is required to be able to apply for a Qld Traffic Control Licence.

Interstate traffic management implementation officers with current accreditation do not need to do this course but can complete the Traffic Management Implementation – Renewal course instead.

Entry Requirements:

  • Completion of the below online courses prior to enrolment of the Traffic Management Implementation course:
  1. Working in Proximity to Traffic – Awareness Part 1 ($39.60pp) and
  2. Working in Proximity to Traffic – Awareness Part 2 Works Protection Methods ($39.60pp)

Further details can be found on the Department of Transport and Main Roads webpage here: eLearning Training Programs

***Evidence of the completed e-learning modules (Part 1 & 2) will need to be supplied at time of enrolment into the Traffic Management Implementation course***
  • No formal entry requirements are needed.  However it is mandatory that participants are able to communicate well and have sound literacy skills.
  • Please be advised that all participants personal information will be collected and disclosed to TMR in accordance with the TMR licence agreement.


  • Please ensure when on our premises that closed in footwear is worn.
  • The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for the practical component is NOT provided to you by Schramm Group.
  • Schramm Group does not guarantee employment at the completion of this training.
  • It is also a pre-requisite on a construction site (e.g. a roadway) to hold a White Card / Blue Card (Construction Safety Induction Card).

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